8 Must Haves For Every Puppy Parent

Getting a new pup is so much fun but to make him feel at home a visit to the pet store for some pet essential products.

  • Dog Food & Bowls: Deciding on a dog food brand is imperative for your pup to stay healthy till he can be weaned to home cooked and other food options once he is older. A sensible way to make sure he does not land up with stomach issues would be to follow the diet that either the breeder or foster parent was giving. There is an entire lifetime to experiment where food is concerned but not when your dog is a puppy. Best to consult a veterinarian before you get the pup at home. Getting an adjustable food bowl stand with stainless steel bowls is what we recommend.


  • Collar & Leash: Once his vaccination schedule is complete you will want to go out for a walk with your pup. Malaika Fernandes a Canine Behaviorist – Trainer recommends a 6 foot long padded leash with a collar( use of prongs,shock,choke collars is cruel). While retractable dog leashes are quite popular with dog owners, they are not a good idea, and can be dangerous with an untrained pup.


  • Crate: If you have a crate ready, you can help ensure your pup has a place where he can feel safe and comfortable, and where he can stay out of trouble.images (1) It is also a good idea to have some baby gates to keep your dog contained in a certain part of your home.





  • ID Tag & Microchip: Your pup needs identification so that he can be reunited with you in case he is lost.Tags For Dogs





  • Toys: If your pup is busy with toys he loves, he’s less likely to get into mischief — and he’ll have fun, too. It’s important to consider safety when you’re picking out dog toys and chews. Make sure they’re large enough that they can’t be swallowed and they’re not stuffed with beans or beads.



  • Anti-chew spray: Like an off-limits sign for your furniture legs, these sprays taste bitter so your puppy will be discouraged from chewing inappropriately.


70 thoughts on “8 Must Haves For Every Puppy Parent

  1. Great roundup of items that pet parent’s who are bringing new puppies home! You might want to add puppy pads, in the event the puppy doesn’t have luck using a crate for potty training.

  2. Wonderful resource of tips for first-time (or it-has-been-a-long-time-since) puppy parents! Pinning on my “Bark About” board!

    • Thank you, yes we dont give first aid kits too much thought but when that time comes we often end up reprimanding ourselves for being callous

  3. Great advice that every puppy parent needs to read. I love that you mention starting training right away, something too many people ignore.

  4. Wonderful list! We just got my little sister, River, about a month ago and we are still needing a first aid kit. Thank goodness we don’t need the anti-chew spray!!! 🙂

  5. Great list of essential item needed for a new pup. I still sometimes use a crate, baby gate, & bitter Apple soray and my dogs are both 7+ yrs old.
    Love & biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  6. Great summary of what every new puppy parent needs. We got all those things for Kilo our rescue pug. We also got the puppy pee pads, a comfy cosy bed for in his crate that went on top of the blankie he came with (he uses ours sofas and beds outside his crate LOL) and some healthy treats for training.

  7. This is a great list! I love that you included toys. I think that people often think of toys as being the least important, but they serve a real purpose for pets! Toys help serve important physical and psychological needs in our pets.:)

  8. Great tips and check list. Seeking professional help from the beginning is so beneficial to getting on the right track and staying on track. Great post.

  9. I think the puppy must haves are so key — the crate is the number one greatest puppy training tool. I spent a lot of time crate training Walter and while he sleeps in my bed now he enjoys his crate and has no issue riding in it in the car… I’ll share!

    • The quality of chews in India isnt very good and i have seen most puppies come down with gastric infection so we use carrots and chewable toys instead

  10. dont have one for myself as of yet but the moment am getting mine i will be making sure this is used and all gotten. thanks for putting good resource in dog care as always.

  11. We’re planning to get a puppy once my son turns 4 and this is a perfect read for me cause it will be my first time having one.

  12. I can’t stress enough how much a crate helped me and my puppy with her toilet training! ! It gave her added security too as she treated it like her bed. Training is essential too! Ree love30

  13. I’m glad you mentioned the dangers of retractable leashes. We had one when Matilda was a puppy, one time she ran out into the street because a barking dog in a yard scared her, and it was hard to lock so quickly, she nearly got hit by a truck. Never used it again!!

    • Yes Lindsay, retractable leashes have to be used only in enclosed spaces and not around too many other dogs and people. That was a really close save for Matilda phew i am glad that she is safe

  14. To make a pet feel at home can be quite expensive. 🙂 All the dog toys and tools to make him feel good are essentiaks. Maybe that’s why some of my pups died before. Haha I wan’t able to give him some thingson the list. 🙂

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