Bingo The Drool Puppy

Its been a fortnight nearly since i wrote as i was caught up with a wedding in the family. The break in the writing routine left me with a temporary writers block. To be able to write i needed something close to my heart that would inspire me and i could think of no one but Bingo a Boxer.

Bingo As A Pup: I have know Bingo since he was a pup and had come as a boarder in the home stay service i provided for dogs in Bandra years ago. Bingo walked in to sniff out our home stay with his parents “The Pandits”. He was all but 5 months old and darted around like a deer sprinting all over the house. He was quite a regular at our place sometimes just for a couple of hours each day and then for longer overnight stays.

Boxer Dogs Make Good Clowns: Bingo captivated my heart not just because he was a dog but also because of his quirkiness which amused me to no end. He was always up to mischief and crazy in a good way. If it was quiet for too long you knew Bingo was up to something especially if his best buddy Dexter the Labrador in crime was there too . There was never a quiet moment with him around because he loved his squeaky toys. He didn’t know what “tired” meant the boy could play endless games of fetch and i often joked with his folks about getting a tennis ball pitching machine at home for him. I remember one such instance when I needed Bingo to be tired so I took him for a long walk to Carter Rd we sat down for a break next 2 fisher women that were having a conversation. Bingo being the dog he is doesn’t believe in doing nothing with his time unless he is taking  a nap. While these 2 women were having a conversation with nothing better to do he settled himself between them and followed their talk by turning his head from side to side. It was too hilarious to watch. Here is a video of Bingo doing his happy dance when it is time to go for a walk

Lessons To Learn From Bingo: Live life to the fullest let no time slip away from you where you can lick your humans to show how much you love them.

Be PaWsitive
Be PaWsitive

When you cant play fetch snooze. When i am pet sitting him the only thing i dread are his “farts” 🙂 . When you want to play fetch and the humans are busy try diligently till you succeed after all who can say “no” to that face. Bingo is now a 5 year old boy and still continues to be the apple of his pet parents eyes and  now plays the role of a big brother to his human sibling. They share their toys together and are inseparable. Bingo follows the “Be PaWsitive” philosophy all the way!!


24 thoughts on “Bingo The Drool Puppy

  1. He sounds like a pup with a personality! It’s so much fun to see that your pet is it’s own person, just like all of my guinea pigs have their own personalities too. That’s what’s making them so special in the family haha 🙂

  2. Aw, what a sweet blog. I love animals in general and I am a proud doggy mom myself. A life without pets is not the same, they give so much love and joy. My doggy is absolutely a family member , well I would even say the most important one 🙂 I call him “my boss” very often as all turns around him and his wants and needs 🙂 I am happy I found your blog , will be most certainly back very soon

  3. Bingo sounds like an amazing doggy! Hahaha to his sticky farts! My dog used to do that. And he’s such a licker! ! Yes we can learn so much from good boy bingo especially living life to the full! He sounds like such a happy dog. Well done! Ree love30

  4. What a great dog. I love it when they’re up to something and being active. Dogs are so much fun. I recognize the happy dance haha. My dog looks like a bit like that as well when we go out. She can get so excited and just dance around. Also for food by the way!

  5. Missed ur write ups… Def worth the wait.., pleasure to meet bingo hopefully in person one day….such a dog and a wow that he is…?

  6. Bingo looks like the perfect best friend a human can have. I guess our pets are part of our families and we treat them the same as the other members. I have 2 cats and they are definitely the rules of the house.

  7. Your dog is so cute, the name here is more of a general name people call dogs in the locality , not a dog owner at the moment but a few friend’s do have and I completely do the caring for the dogs that people think I am the owner. Cute and loyal your dog must be from the facial expressions.

  8. Playing big brother to the human siblings is the cutest thing even I have noticed in my home. Being a father to two kids along with an awesome pooch makes your drool on the party you are having every time you are able to watch out their antics.

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