Dogs That Love Underwear

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This post is dedicated to all those dogs that love parading their pet parents underwear in front of visitors. Over the years working closely with dogs i have come across a small portion of dogs that indulge in this habit much to their pet parents embarrassment.  I hope this tickles your funny bone as much as it did mine.Sharing a couple of such instances with you of, pet parent and dogs name and identity has been changed.

Dogs That Love To Steal Underwear

Pet Sitter’s Tale: The “X” residence was a happy go lucky one for 2 dogs lived in it. Naughty a rescued Indian Pariah & CoCo a Golden Retriever. The X’s warned the new pet sitter about coco’s habit of greeting every visitor by the door with his pet parents underwear and was told to keep theirs out of his reach. The pet parents were so fed up of Cocos habit that they brought him jockey and Victoria Secret briefs to use as his greeting present :). The pet sitter didn’t take the X’s very seriously and set about the dogs routine. As the hours flew and it was time to tuck in for bed, the pet sitter began to change in to their pajamas when lo and behold Coco grabbed their underwear from the back and tried to pry it off. You can only imagine the pet sitters reaction, having said that CoCo after some tug of war managed to carve a sizable hole in the underwear. There wasn’t much to do except to not react and make sure to never change in front of Coco and keep all underwear out of his reach!!.

The Vet’s Tale: A vet happened to confide when they met me how they need to rectify a behavior in their dog. As a Behaviorist i waited to know what was the problem while in my mind im trying to check off issues like maybe aggression, begging etc. Finally after much squirming in their seat they confided to having run out of underwear because their dog – Jack made holes in parts meant to be covered :).

So how do you get your dog to stop chewing on underwear?

Dogs are keen to hold on to something that draws attention to them. As puppies, they are like toddlers, picking things up and chewing on them. Puppies like to “steal” things to get your immediate attention. Once they have that attention, it is up to you how to deal with the steal.

If you make too much fuss about it, the puppy will repeat this act the next time he wants attention.

  • One way to control your dog’s underwear chewing is to keep the underwear picked up and placed in a hamper with a lid.
  • Giving the dog something he can chew will help. Reward him for chewing on the right things.

Dogs are drawn to the odors of their human companions, and chewing brings out the smells the dog is interested in. Just remember, your dog is family. What’s the price of underwear in comparison to a lifelong friend who loves you so much that he hunts down things that smell of you just to get that feeling of being close to you?. Underwear can be purchased, but there’s no replacement for the love and devotion of your dog :).

26 thoughts on “Dogs That Love Underwear”

    • Calvin the golden Retriever from the Siva household also does this when the doorbell is rung he will grab anybody clothes that are lying around and come to greet you as an offering

  1. My childhood dog had a fondness for underwear and other unmentionables. We always had to warn guests to not leave anything on the floor because he was very good at finding it and then running through the house and embarrassing everyone.

  2. Its so funny that this is a thing dogs do! I’ve assisted on a surgery to remove a pair of panties from a dog’s stomach, but I didn’t know it was somewhat common. I think your advice to keep them put away is probably the best bet lol!

  3. This is SOooo hilarious!!! I can just imagine a dog trotting out his owners’ underpants in front of company! I had a foster dog that stole one of my socks and hid it inside his crate stuffed into his blanket, I couldn’t imagine what happened to my sock! I think he wanted to keep something with my scent on it while he was in his crate. I’m so glad he chose a sock & not my undies, LOL!!
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them


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