Magic The Guiding Spell

National Guide Dog Month is a celebration of the work of guide dogs in the United States as a way to raise awareness, appreciation and support for guide dog schools across the United States. It was established in 2008, as a fundraising drive to benefit non-profit guide dog organizations accredited by the International Guide Dog Federation). It is observed during the month of September. As i write this is i said why not celebrate India’s guide dog – “Magic”.

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Sanam Karunakar had met with an accident a couple of years ago  which left her wheel chair bound. A local news paper did a story on Sanam which grabbed the attention of a family with Labrador pup that they wanted her to adopt so he could be her guide dog. Sanam decided to call him Magic.

Guide Dog Training

Sanam & Magic
Sanam & Magic

Magic was all but 5 months old when he entered Sanam’s life in the year 2003.  Sanam then did a training and behavior course conducted by India’s first Canine Behaviorist Shirin Merchant [Canines Can Care]. It took Sanam 6 months to fully train Magic to be a guide dog .

Magic was trained for a variety of commands. Some of which are:

  • Picking up dropped objects.
  • Opening and closing doors.
  • Getting help in case of an emergency by barking for help(speak on command)
  • Carrying items from one person to the other.
  • Switching on and off light switches

Magic & Sanam’s Lifetime Together.

Sanam says Magic was always a quick learner and of great comfort to her during difficult times. Their bond was special for it had reached a point in time where Magic would do things for Sanam without a command being given.

Sanam recollects one such incident where she dropped a pillow in the middle of the night and magic instantly retrieved it for her without a command being given.

Guide dogs are always on duty 24/7 always alert and eager to help. They have eyes only for whom they serve. I met Magic once at a pet shop he was there with Sanam i asked her permission before i could approach him. When she consented i got a quick Hi from him and he was back by her side ready to help her if need be.

Magic retired from being a guide dog when he was 12 years old but continued to live with Sanam and be her best buddy until the end. Magic lived a full life and passed away at the age of 13.

This post is an ode to all those guide dogs, their trainers and handlers!!

46 thoughts on “Magic The Guiding Spell”

  1. Saluting the brave!!! Man’s best friend… From unconditional love they give to protection they provide the list is countless…our emotionally mature companion feed on our emotion and their sixth sense they put to prime use as our “guardian angels”… We are greatful and having a day to honour them a small attempt to tell them they deserve nothing but the best…. Loved it loved it!!

  2. I love reading about the bond between guide dogs and the people they are helping. Amazing that Magic started to anticipate Sanam’s needs even before she made the command. I am glad they had each other and I’m sure Magic will continue to watch over Sanam forever.

  3. Magic is such a handsome guy! I’m glad that he was there to help Sanam and that he was able to stay with her even after his retirement. I hope that Sanam has found another dog that helps to guide her now. I think animals are great companions for people who need a little help in life.

  4. Very nice. I trained service dogs for 3 years at the beginning of my career. It’s always so nice to see such a great working pair.

  5. What a heartwarming story! I think it was wonderful that a family was able to sense that Magic was perfect for Sanam. Even regular dogs amaze me with their intuition, I can only imagine how sensitive service dogs are to the people they help.


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