10 Diwali Gift Ideas For your Dog

Let us not forget our dogs this festive Diwali season. Here are some ideas to make it extra special

  • Say “No” To Crackers: It is natural for dogs to be afraid of loud noises. The sounds trigger their nervous systems,Pledge - Say No To Crackers and they can become anxious or afraid. Running away from the noise is a survival instinct.Remember, to your dog, the sound from the fireworks is a lot louder than it is to our ears because of their ability to hear better. So pledge to celebrate this festive season the eco -friendly way !!.




  • Get Your Dog A Tag: Custom made tag with his nameTags For Dogs and phone number available at most local pet shops. So in case he gets lost you have a good chance of being reunited with him. Remember better safe than sorry.




  • Treat Your Dog: Get your dog a bag of his favorite treats!!. Lots of options to choose from as a pet parent i would choose one from a Barkery that is organic.

    Dog bones
    Dog bones




  • Help A Shelter: Give away some of of Fido’s old stuff to an animal shelter or donate in cash.


  • Make Him A Pillow: Make him a pillow out of your old clothes. So he will have something to cuddle with that smells of you when you are not at home.


  • Give Him Time: Make a promise to play with him every single day no matter how tired or busy you are.


  • Plan A Holiday: A holiday with him and the entire family to a pet friendly place or do participate in a dog event this year.


  • Buy Him A Toy: Dont know what to get him take him to the pet store and let him choose for himself.



  • Relaxing Massage: Get him a relaxing massage from your Groomer or give him one yourself. No better way to pamper your pooch

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  1. Wonderful gift ideas! Dog tags are great because they can look good and serve a purpose. Miss Edie would like a toy but I’m not sure how she would feel about going to the groomer 😉

  2. If you want help planning your trip with your pet – give us a shout! It’s what we do. Big fun thing to do? Find your local swim therapy place for dogs! It’s great exercise and fun … if your pooch likes water.

    • Getting a pillow made out of your old clothes is a fantastic thing to do. The dogs love having something that can comfort them which smells like their human especially when they are not around


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