And They Lived Happily Furever

What makes a fairytale so mesmerizing because every story has a Prince that falls head over heels in love with a pretty damsel and fights great odds to make her his. This story is no different.

How It All Began: This story is about Eisha Dhawan & Jeremy D’Cunha who fell in love with each other while they worked for Jet airways. A perfect 2 States story without much religious hassles. What really makes this tail (tale) unique is the Dhawan’s decision to make sure that their 2nd daughter “Brandy” a Labrador Retriever be a part of the ceremonies. After all dogs are family too!!. Eisha could not dream of getting married without Brandy by her side.

Wedding Prep: Countless months were spent trying to look for a place that is pet friendly and within Mumbai limits.The Dhawans made sure that the reception venue would accomadate Brandy without any complaints. They finally found what they were looking for :). I was employed as a pet sitter for Brandy nearly a year in advance.

Here are some pictures of Brandy enjoying the wedding festivities.  Hope you enjoy viewing them as much as i enjoyed feasting on wedding wine and cake.

Brandy with Eisha during “The Haldi Ceremony”
Brandy at Eisha’s “Flower Shower”


As you can see there is no love lost between Brandy & Eisha


Brandy is wearing a collar specially customized to match the Bridesmaid outfits. 












Dogs are family the Dhawan’s proved this well!!. We wish the newly married couple prosperity and love but above all a life filled with Brandy’s tail wags and licks.

44 thoughts on “And They Lived Happily Furever”

  1. I love seeing weddings with furry family members. I wish I could have had my cat a part of my wedding before she passed away. My friend did the same thing with her dog when she eloped. The pictures looked so beautiful with her furry family. Congratulations to the happy couple.

  2. What a beautiful wedding! I’m glad that they were able to have Brandy be a part of the ceremony. Pets really are family. Brandy seems very happy to be involved with all of the festivities. I hope that they have a long and happy marriage!

  3. What a wonderful and romantic story. So happy they included Brandy as part of their wedding โค love her collar too!

    • Wow that is such a wonderful choice to make of having your wedding at home so your pets can be around. Congratulations on your wedding date

  4. This is really cool! I love that their dog was part of the ceremonies. I totally get the choice. I love the pics of Brandy enjoying the wedding festivities.


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