Let it Snow

Snows the real anxious types.

First she doesn’t go out. Not much at all. But then one fine day her humans got her out – that too for a dog show – too many people , too many dogs – too much for Snow.
I watched Snow take it all in – the sounds, humans, the dogs, their antics. She didn’t like it – didn’t like it at all.
So she struck a pose, a few actually  – made a face, looked away & then shook her body all over.  All in quick succession.
She was telling her humans something – but they didn’t get her. I did. Snow was asking for her space – she was telling this to the humans/ other dogs vying for her attention. That’s also why she looked away. Then the shake- that’s her way of releasing the stress , emptying her cup of emotions out.
Through the event , Snow stayed by herself. In the end her humans got the message ,, they took her home. On her way snow wagged her tail. Finally she felt good 🙂

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