The Stand Off

Bozo & Sherman had a stand off. Nail- biting stuff.
Bozo the pug is a real-life Mr. Bean, full energy & Yahoo types. Sherman is stately, regal & pretty cool.
One day their paths crossed. Amazingly, Sherman was all enthusiastic – yanked and pulled at his leash. Bozo didn’t react, but didn’t pull away either. Their humans shrugged – let them off their leashes.
They came close – sniffed, stand off position.  Sherman was eager,  one second- two seconds . Then Bozo showed the whites of his eyes to Sherman – ‘whale-eyed’ him. He got the message – Bozo wants his space – doesn’t wanna play.
Sherman stepped back, became the bigger dog. Both went back to their humans.
The stand – off had gone off well 🙂

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