My Missing Human

I lie waiting on the cold floor,

Wondering what I could have done,

For her to go away

She was now gone for weeks,

I tried to sniff the air for her,

Everything around me was fading,

Just like my once strong bones were.

I looked for her in my world,

With dimmed gaze & misty eyes,

I could sense no worry from the others,

Have they forgotten her?

But how could I?

She was my world

If only I could go back in time

And ask her before she left

My days are dull & nights are cold without her

They were all full of glee,

I tried to make sense of it.

I heard her knock on the door

She walked in to the room

And ran to me,

She lay down beside me,

And uttered whispers of warmth

And then swept me in to her arms

All was right in my world

My wait had ended

Safe in the knowledge

As she said never again.

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