Love at Bingo

I first met Bingo ( Boxer) when he was just 5 months old and had come with his human to explore our boarding facility at Bandra. Even then one could see the mischief in his eye and zest for living life to the fullest.

He became a regular with us, with him around neither human or dogs knew a moment of peace but we knew unbridled joy. Silence meant he was up to no good with his BFF Dexter the Labrador. They both collectively wrecked plants that had arrived the same day as i took in some shut eye in the afternoon.

He loved bestowing slobbery kisses. One of my favorite memories is of him jumping around with S in the terrace slapping him with his paws.

I continued pet sitting him in the comfort of his home once the boarding facility was shut. From birthday lunches at pet friendly restaurants with K , to being my cuddle buddy.

You could take Bingo anywhere and if there is a ball he would find one to play. He loved playing “fetch” and could play round the clock

We lost him this year. As he bid farewell to the people that loved him. He now continues to shine in the sky as a Star –  human sibling V says.

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