Kaiser - the cat who got me to ponder

Kaiser – the cat who got me to ponder

Kaiser was a part of my life since his kitten days. I worked for his human’s vet then thats how i knew him. He shared his home with another cat called Kibo ( Image, name of cat & hooman changed to protect identity)*. Both cats had orange and white patches for markings. 

His humans believed in animal communication and had gotten me to talk to thei pets from time to time. One morning i received a panic call from Kaiser’s human saying he was refusing to come from under the coffee table which was unlike him. For he was brave and always had a sense of adventure in comparison to the other feline at home.

He appeared afraid and no amount of pleading from his humans to come out – fell on deaf ears. Even meals and treats to lure him were an epic failure. He was a foodie at heart and had never refused food of any kind in the past.

When i connected with him i got no straight answers from him. He kept throwing visuals of shadows and spoke about everything else except what could be possibly troubling him.

Several hours later i was still clueless & exasperated – i knew that he was trying to teach me to be patient. Finally i told Kaiser that i was done and that i needed to walk away from this conversation to rest. Is when he was forthcoming with a response and said “she stinks” much to my suprise.

Now a word about the human i have known her for years and she has never “stank”. So i donned the “Sherlock Holmes” hat and asked the human if she had changed her perfume/deodorant/body wash to a new one this morning?. 

She said that she had used a new deodorant this morning!. As soon as his human had admitted it Kaiser piped in to the conversation saying that the odour was causing him a headache. Via me he asked the human to go take a shower & throw away the deodorant.

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