A dog will always love you even across the rainbow bridge

A dog will love you even across the rainbow bridge

Mr & Mrs Mani (names changed to protect identity) reached out for an animal communication consult for Bounty their 4 month old adopted indie pup. They just wanted to check to see if he needed anything and wanted to enquire about his well being.

While we were in the consult and messages were relayed from Bounty to his hoomans about his demands and needs. The couple mentioned in conversation that their earlier pup had passed away because of parvo virus.

Bounty is a vivacious pup and knew exactly what he wanted out of his pet parents and they were only happy to fufill his requests. Especially with his upcoming trip they were to take during the long weekend with him as a family.

Meanwhile i had another animal knocking on my telepathic door repeatedly wanting to make a connect. I could hear him say “pota”.  Without another thought i asked the couple for their earlier pup’s name. They said he was called “Potato”.

I have been fully aware of my abilities of being able to talk to animals since 2015 but even today animals dont cease to suprise me.

I let the couple know that Potato was a part of our conversation. He showed me certain visuals of his time spent with them and other details that i could not have possibly known which convinced the couple instantly about his presence. I have infinite gratitude for that joyous moment; that i was a part of  with Potato, bounty and their hoomans.

Our pets continue to watch over us even across the rainbow bridge. In this case Potato orchestrated Bounty entering their lives at a certain moment in time. So his hoomans could know love again and heal.


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