Bajrangi - the magnificent

Bajrangi – the magnificent

This magnificent striped beast is named after the Hindu deity ” Lord Hanuman”. I met him in June this year when i was visiting the “Bandhavgarh” national park during a wildlife safari. The park is split in to 3 main zones tala, magdhi & khitauli and known for its Tiger sightings.

This being my first wildlife safari, i was blessed with sightings of not just tigers and their cubs but several other beasts and birds despite the heavy downpour.

During the drive in to one of these zones is when we spotted “Bajrangi” taking a nap. He had strategically positioned himself amidst a cluster of trees knowing that the humans would be on the prowl for a sighting and he didnt want his nap to be disturbed.

News of a spotting spread like wildfire and the jeeps in that zone all flocked to the site. Meanwhile our jeep had turned around and parked close to a water body.

We spent sometime there just taking pictures of him and watching whatever glimpses of him we could catch. He changed sides during his nap making sure that his face wasnt seen from behind the tree all we could see was the swish of his tail.

I connected with Bajrangi despite the noise and just thanked him for his presence. He said be patient and let me be. We waited there with bated breath for further movement while some of us were just content watching him.

He stirred suddenly and true to his word. He woke up walked out of the cluster of trees in full view and towards the water body where we were parked. Stretched and yawned as he walked towards the water body. Glanced all over to make sure we were respectful of his ask for space. He slid in to the water body while keeping a transfixed eye on us.

Bajrangi kept everyone enthralled with his sheer magnificence and in that moment i knew that apart from my conversations with him this animal had healed and restored my soul.

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