About us

DSCN3117 (1)This blog is written by me –  Malaika , director at “Princely Paws – Dog Training, Behavior  Consults,  Animal Communication Consults & Workshops. I knew at a young age that my love for animals would always be a way of life for me.

After many years of being involved in voluntary work for animals in my area and with PFA (People For Animals). I decided to accept the position of an assistant to a veterinarian in Chembur (Mumbai) where I worked for a span of 7 years, where I not only handled dogs of various sizes and temperaments but also groomed them.

During this interim I also worked for PETA for a year and a half as a monitoring supervisor at the”Jijamata Udyan Zoo”. I have been covered by several newspapers for various rescue operations such as the incident of Laxmi the Elephant which was hit on the Sion-Trombay road, for my voluntary work at 2 dog sterilization camps held at Chembur for stray dogs my work  involved in raids on Nag Panchami day, rescue and rehabilitation of Bears etc.

After being bitten and mauled by a Dog at the clinic in 2008, I knew that I was lacking in canine behavioral aspects and therefore decided to broaden my horizons by enrolling for a course with world renowned canine behaviorist and trainer Mr John Rogerson ( Nothern centre of Behaviour U.K) where I learnt dog training techniques for basic obedience training, scent and explosives detection, tracking, training for guide dogs for blind and deaf people and how to modify unwanted behavior in dogs. I won the trainer of the week award twice in succession and did a specialized course on aggression in dogs with Canines Can Care.

I also Talk To Animals telepathically and now conduct workshops where i awaken this innate ability . Also do Bach Flower Remedies for animals. I am currently pursuing a U.K level 4 accredited Diploma in Canine Behavior and Ethology with BHARCS in I am constantly a work in progress where learning is concerned – all for the love of the dog!!

I have also written articles with respect to dog behavior in dog magazines, afternoon newspaper. I have also worked as a dog trainer in the “Garnier commercials”, a Reliance web ad and the “Phatha Poster Nikla Hero” movie shoot.

I am a proud pet parent to Prince my English Cocker Spaniel dog(lost him in 2012  to cancer at 13) , Pinocchio the African Grey Parrot, Mithu, Mickey, Mylo,Myra & Big Mithu( rescued birds), Oregano & Button the Senegal Parrot, African Love birds and Cockatiels and the odd animal that is rescued & fostered until better.