Ask the Canine Behaviorist

Q) What is food aggression?

A) If your dog glares at you, growls and positions himself between you and the food he is  actually saying to you “go away this is mine, find your own”. That is the dogs way of politely telling you with use of body language and growling as a tool of communication that he would like to eat his meal in peace. So always feed your dog in a place where he can eat alone. Also lets not label the behavior as aggressive – lets draw a parallel would you appreciate it?; if while you were eating your meal somebody reached out for something from your plate your natural response would be to only slap the intruding hand away

Q) What is separation anxiety?

A) If goofy gets all worked up and anxious when you are about to leave the house and engages in inappropriate behavior only when you are separated, follows you everywhere you go is over the top with his greeting when your back home then he suffers from separation anxiety, Dog’s that suffer from separation anxiety often turn destructive when left alone and may even cause harm to themselves.

Q) My Fido is scared of loud sounds like crackers and in a bid to escape wrecks the house and I hate to have him sedated, can this fear be eradicated?

A) Yes, in less than a month you can rectify his fear for loud sounds with a behavior consult that is designed for Fido specifically by us.

Q) We are first time pet parents and want to know if teething can be handled in a constructive manner?

A) Yes, teething in a puppy can be handled in an effective manner. As a pet parent one must realize that if the teething behavior is not handled in a constructive  manner it could turn in to a vice as the dog grows up.