Don’t complain but Train

Princely Paws Training

Princely Paws Training & Behavior Program for Dogs & their Humans: The training consists of 7 training sessions of 30-40 minutes on a one on one basis conducted by our certified Dog Behaviorist & Trainer. This is available as a stand alone online program as well as additional support to the onsite training program in the pandemic scenario

Training for dog will be done using body language. Program will consist of 7 sessions – a session every week. To be specific tips on:
How to toilet train a dog
Handle teething
Handle separation anxiety
Desensitization to loud sound
What kind of equipment to use while walking the dog & why
How to mentally engage the dog to make him calmer.
Leash walking
Boundary setting
How to reassure your dog using body language.
Avoid behaviors like begging, jumping, zoomies, humping etc
Why one must not do obedience commands like
Play fetch etc
Socialization with people & other dogs

Princely Paws Puppy Behavioral Consult: A pre training behavioral consult which happens at your residence to tackle issues like toilet training, teething, separation anxiety, sound desensitization, etc along with several behavioral tips. This pre training behavioral consult helps you tackle issues that you may face before you begin training in your pup, so he doesn’t get an opportunity to develop undesired behaviors. this consult is a one of session of an hour and a half.

Princely Paws Behavior Consult: This behavioral consult is aimed at addressing issues such as aggression/nervousness/begging/jumping/separation anxiety etc. Its a one of consult session with weekly programs and  follow ups on progress.

Gift your dog a Happy  Yappy hour with us!!:  An hour of activities that make them calm & mentally enriched. How often as pet parents do we pay attention to mental health in our dogs?