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Princely Paws pet sitting services in Mumbai.

The Princely Paws pet sitting services is the brainchild of canine behaviourist and animal communicator Malaika Fernandes. She has more than 20 years of experience in the pet care

industry and has provided pet-sitting services around India for over a decade. Now she is launching the service for best”pet sitters in Mumbai’ with a small yet dedicated team of professionals at affordable fit-to-pocket pricing.

Trained pet-sitters.

Trained pet sitters are part of our Princely Paws pet sitters team to handle every need of your pet. Malaika has trained the pet sitters herself, which makes them adept at handling temperamental and multiple pets in the same household. Hence, making the experience stress free for the pets and pet parents. For reviews and ratings on us click here

Verified ID for our pet sitters.

Princely paws pet sitter’s team provides valid IDs for all our pet-sitters. Also, a do’s and don’ts list is handed out to all prospective pet parents on the phone before the pet sitting assignments and through a written email.

Pet’s health first approach.

Pet parents can always rely on the Princely Paws pet sitters team to place the health of the pets first while they are pet sitting. Details medical information and emergency response plans are prepared for pets with the need for such attention.

Pet sitters updates on your pet’s meals -walks & play

The Princely Paws pet sitter does not need to be reminded of an update. Timely updates on your phone through voice notes & written messages are a pre-requisite for each pet sitter and are reported regularly with the pet parent.

Tailor-made experiences.

Princely Paws pet sitters’ take time out to understand and note down the little demands of your pet – be it adding just that dash of yoghurt like Bruno likes or letting Ginger sniff for longer near the old car tires outside the colony! Your pet can take advantage of our affiliated services like vet consultation (online),  behaviour consults, pet grooming and telepathic animal communication. To know more about our other services click here

Pet-Sitting details about your pet

Each pet sitting of ours begins with the enquiry form. It contains detailed information about your pet’s requirements that is mandatory for each pet. This helps us plan your pet-sitting requirements to the last detail and also gives you our best quote and availability.

To book a pet sitting slot fill the form given here. For any further information call 9820854668.

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