Prince – The Dog That Lived

It seems like yesterday that i went to get myself a puppy who filled my life with immense joy n light.i named you “PRINCE”, for you ruled not just over my heart but several others. At sweet 16 i knew i was in love when i laid my eyes on you on the 11th of Jan 1998.

Up to no good and mischief in your every move you delighted us all with your made sure both Hanika and Ancita stayed on the sofa as you chewed everything in sight and their heels and spared nothing until you got whacked for chewing up the telephone wire when mom was on a call.
As time passed you were known by many names DOLU,SHAUSHU,PINU,PRINCEY ,etc the list was endless.

You are my greatest teacher as you trained me to do your bidding, while i thought i was training you. When i let you go free for the first time in an open space to teach you recall(come while being called) you rewarded me with having to bathe you since you had done “rolly-rolly”(rolled) in cow dung.

We both enjoyed our visit to the vets as you befriended both the 4 & the 2 were my brave pup that never feared the jab of the needle or the won the hearts of all pet enthusiasts at the dog show with your charm and were declared a champion.

You were the man of my house while dad was away at work.we hated being apart and you made sure when i was asleep anybody that dared to attempt waking me was warned with a growl. I still vividly remember how Ancita my sis was given a prompt nip on the nose to back off because she was irritating me when we were spending time together.

He understood and that i say not because he is my dog but because of the way how he interacted with my cousin who is a special child though she had yanked his ears mistaking him for a soft toy,he never bit her but only licked that first interaction episode he grew fond and possessive of her nobody could speak to her in high tones or her baby bro could not snatch a toy from under his gaze and snarl.

I fed the pigeons on my balcony as a ritual and you would sit by the kitchen window and watch. One day i carelessly forgot to feed them and one of the pigeons entered, i wondered why you were missing from the living room and i found you with the winged intruder in your mouth panic overtook me as i saw your gundog instincts out in the open. I was proud to see you swift enough to grab the bird but didn’t want any harm to befall on it but it was just a show and tell for you”mommy this birdie entered through the window and i was just protecting the house” as i got the bird out i was surprised to find it calm and unharmed and we set it free to the open sky’s where he belonged.

It was your custom when mom was back from the bazaar to check the bag for any goodies oh how he loved his milk bikkies and couldn’t help turning into a petty thief as he ripped open the packets of bourbon and milk bikkies on the sly in the kitchen. If Hanika and prince had anything to fight over it was always where sweets were concerned each more greedy than the other in that aspect. Prince made sure when she tip toed to the refrigerator to soothe the sweet tooth he was at her tail waiting for his share.

One day you sprinted from the door and dangerously escaped getting run down by a car only to find you sitting outside the dam’s(female dog) window that you wanted to court, she was just like you a jet black beauty and almond eyes to match. But sadly her owners had other designs they left to relocate. From that day on i knew you were a lady’s man.

Our first wildlife rescue was a kite that was too weak to fly,after i had administered the necessary medication for 6 hrs you sat by the bird’s side refusing to eat or drink and only moved to alert me that the bird had moved and was better. You shared an amazing bond with kitty as we liked to call the kite bird, letting him drink out of your bowl and he in turn shared shreds of raw chicken with you when i wasn’t around to forbid you.

While i took up a job as a vets assistant so did you at home with the countless squirrels,birds and cats that we nursed back to health.the only thing that you couldn’t stand was another pup at home i remember when we had a pup at the first time at home for the day before it could go to its new owners you refused to be in the same room with him and it was evident for all at home to see that another dog would never be welcome at home no matter what save alone for the sick and injured that could get affection only from you and me and then back to where it belonged.

We decided to take you to a nursery school to interact with the kids they loved you of course and so did Holika the rescued rhesus long tailed monkey that pulled your cheeks and planted a wet kiss on your mouth.

You made friends easily and had pedigree and mutts in your such was trigger a male Labrador that was your best buddy and it was hilarious to watch you affectionately bully him because you were jealous when he interacted with another dog.

Your favorite game was Hide N Seek you would love to find us but when it was your turn to hide it was always under the bed and you couldn’t fathom how we found you so fast. How we teased you that one day when we hid in the cupboard and you couldn’t trace us it upset your nose but in the end when you did your bark was evident that we had cheated you by hiding in a place that you couldn’t access. You hated our video games and laptops and took great delight in walking all over them or pushing them off the table just so that we could play.

Then 2 more feathered friends entered our family, they were tiny little fledglings(Alexandrian parakeets/Nepali totas) and you took it as your duty to clean their tiny bums and keep them warm. As Mithu and you grew older the both of you were inseparable. The first words that mithu uttered were Prince Come Here. Mithu could enter your mouth and uttered “kischu give”(kiss give), prince obliged but there were times when his patience was tested and he would push Mithu away with his paw.

You always greeted mom when she was back home by either taking away her slippers or handkerchief and wanting to hide it where she couldn’t find them so she never left the house. You had to have either me or mom by your side my precious pet.

Then came ginger a new brindle female boxer in the building and pleasantries were exchanged with my Prince’s traditional Macarena Bum Wag since his tail was docked(tail cut short a cruel exercise carried out by breeders).he fell in love with her and out of in the same split second as she did the grave mistake of licking me in front of him that did it for prince he may be a lady’s man but nobody above me for him.

Then came the vile disease lymphoma(cancer of the lymph nodes) in the guise of warts, one of them grew bloody and large and had to be operated on i fretted considering he was 13 after a battery of diagnostic tests he was good to go said the vet team. The growth was out and a dental clean up but we had to knock of 11 teeth since they were decayed courtesy the countless eclairs and dairy milks. He made it post surgery and was advised a diet of ice cream for 2 days to soothe his gums but dolu wouldn’t hear of it awake and chomping on pieces of chicken tandoor with bones. Then came another 2nd growth and another successful surgery but both the growths tested negative but fate had other plans.

You breathed your last peacefully in front of me on the ill fated day of 13th march 2012. I am at peace with the fact that you will hurt no more but am going to miss you terribly my love. The four legged will cross our family threshold as we foster and rescue but nobody will ever replace you. I know we will meet some day when it is my time to leave this world i will have you by my side again at the pearly gates. You will continue to be dearly missed and loved by all of us.