Princely Paws N StyL Grooming

Princely Paws N StyL Grooming Services

From Mangy Mutt To Stylish Cut!

From Smelly Slob To Hearthrob!

From Head To Toe – A Best In Show!!

 Grooming is one basic need and is an important part of dog ownership. Just like people dogs also need physical maintenance to look and feel their best. Professional grooming not just adds to the oomph!!! factor of your pet but most importantly helps maintain health and wellness benefits by identifying or preventing a variety of issues such as bacterial, fungal, parasites, matts,etc that impacts pets and their family alike.
We offer this service at a time convenient to you and groom the dog within the comfort of your home making it an absolute stress free experience.
( For those that have busy lifestyles and work commitments we are open on a SUNDAY with prior appointment)

 Dial a Dog Wash  –  shampoo + blow dry + PPT

Glam Dog/Diva Makeover  (Dematting, Snip & Style) – a must for long coated dogs, it helps keep the coat tangle free with a deep conditioning treatment & PPT. Your dog is then styled according to breed standard including owners preference, taking in to consideration practical needs.

* If your dog is severely matted there may be an extra charge. It may not always be possible to style & shape your dog in some cases.we may recommend a drastic short cut (Remember kindness before vanity). If this is the case we will get your approval before grooming.

Princely Paws Puppy Groom: It is important for your pup to experience grooming from an early age. The process of your puppy meeting our groomer and having a friendly and trusting experience makes any future grooms a pleasant experience.

Medicated Wash– a must have for every dog at least once a month to avoid skin issues such as fungus & bacteria with our medicated scrub to suit every skin type & PPT.

Bark that Parasite – a must have hygiene requirement to keep them healthy & happy. An invigorating medicated wash to banish those parasites followed by a spot on treatment protection cover that lasts for a month & PPT.

 Princely Paws De Shedding Treatment  – designed to get dead or dying hair off and adds shine to the coat and helps you save up on lint removers for your upholstery & PPT.

Princely Paws Touche (PPT)– dental clean up ( for non aggressive dogs), pawdicure ( under paw pad trim & nail cut), anal expression,  ear & eye clean up is a part of every groom but can be availed off separately.

 Princely Paws Colour Enhancer– be it black, white or brindle; add shine and colour to your pooches coat with a safe and gentle product wash & PPT.

Feline Purrfect Wash – be it a Persian, Angora or just our Indian Feral kitty – we groom cats as well!! . an invigorating wash that also conditions the coat, nail trim, ear and eye clean up and anal expression and a spot on treatment to banish fleas.