Princely Paws Telepathic Animal Communication Online workshops


– Have you been curious what your pet is trying to tell you?
– What they do while you are away at work?
– You wish to know the reasons for their continued / sudden
illness or behaviour patterns?
– You wish to connect with a pet that has crossed over the
rainbow bridge?
– You work with rescue animals & want to know how best you
can help from their perspective?

This ancient art of inter – species telepathic communication is enlightening & empowering in every way. Every human being is capable of communicating with animals.


Weekend Batches:  Batches held every month over 2 consecutive weekends for a span of 3 hours each day held over 4 days.

Weekday batches: Batches held over 4 consecutive days every month for a span of 3 hours each day.

One on one: Special timings kept in mind for our international students from across the globe which is decided keeping time zones in mind.

To register  & know batch dates & payments call us on :9820854668 (Malaika)

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About the faciltator:
Malaika is a certified animal communicator having learnt from Manjiri Latey, founder of “Earthwise” and Dr Maia Kincaid, author & founder of the “Sedona International school of Animal and Nature communication”. Malaika is also a certified Dog Behaviourist & Trainer and has had the opportunity of working with dogs; also other domesticated & wild animals, ranging from lions, leopards, elephants, horses, pigs, birds & trees. Her role is that of a medium between the human & animal. So join us on this wonderful journey of immense insight bridging the gap of communication between human & animal through the workshop.

Limited seats register soon!!

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