Princely Paws Telepathic Animal Communication Online workshops


– Have you been curious what your pet is trying to tell you?
– What they do while you are away at work?
– You wish to know the reasons for their continued / sudden
illness or behavior patterns?
– You wish to connect with a pet that has crossed over the
rainbow bridge?
– You work with rescue animals & want to know how best you
can help from their perspective?

What will you learn?
  •  What is telepathy?
  • Grounding
  • Learn how animals talk to us
  • Learn how animals talk to us
  • What questions to ask them
  • How information is received during a connect
  • Learn how to fix a blocked connect with an animal
  • Inter species communication
  • How to communicate with an animal that is lost

This ancient art of inter – species telepathic communication is enlightening & empowering in every way. Every human being is capable of communicating with animals.


Weekend Batches:  Batches held every month over 2 consecutive weekends for a span of 3 hours each day held over 4 days.

Weekday batches: Batches held over 4 consecutive days every month for a span of 3 hours each day.

One on one: Special timings kept in mind for our international students from across the globe which is decided keeping time zones in mind

To know workshop dates or in case of any inquiries connect with us on :9820854668

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About the facilitator:
Malaika is a certified animal communicator having learnt from Manjiri Latey, founder of “Earthwise” and Dr Maia Kincaid, author & founder of the “Sedona International school of Animal and Nature communication”. Malaika is also a certified Dog Behaviorist & Trainer and has had the opportunity of working with dogs; also other domesticated & wild animals, ranging from lions, leopards, elephants, horses, pigs, birds & trees. Her role is that of a medium between the human & animal. So join us on this wonderful journey of immense insight bridging the gap of communication between human & animal through the workshop.

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