She talks to animals (Animal Telepathy)

Animal communication is an intuitive language between humans and animals, where we listen with the heart instead of our minds. it is also known as inter species communication or animal telepathy. By remembering this subtle language we are able to tune in to the energy feild of those we share our life and space with forging deeper relationships based on understanding and restoring what has been lost.

When should i use animal communication services?

The following are some clues that will help you know when to schedue a session:

If the pet is having behavioural changes

If you are going on a vacation and leaving your pet.

If you are about to make big changes n your daily schedule

If your pets health has changed

If you are about to or have recently moved.

If a new family member is coming or if one has left.

If you are considering end-of-life steps for the animal.

If you feel grief or guilt about a past pat and want resolution.

If you are just plain curious!.

What is an animal communication session like?

All sessions are by phone. This is preferable as being with the animal can be distracting. Animal communication is the same as telepathic communication. The animals are completely comfortable with telepathy as it is their innate language. Every telepathy session is entirely unique, as animals have personalities too. They are often very wise and creative about how they want to get the message across to you. Sometimes it can be surprising to hear their messages. They can be humorous and entertaining. Other times they are in pain and not showing it until the session. Typically, this symptom can be quickly remedied. The animals are nearly always positive and hopeful with their messages. Their message may be to lighten up,while, at other times they want their human companions to take things more seriously. Most always, clients leave their sessions with specific details about what the animal wants and needs, and how to achieve it. Sometimes the animal needs to understand whether a situation is going to be temporary or permanent. Or he may need to be “reminded” that he can telepathically communicate with another animal that has crossed over. Once things are communicated, they are much less anxious. Also, once they cross over animals always want to connect with their human companions who they have left on the earth plane. They always have important messages about their experience.

Conversations with animals

Many times my conversations with animals involve practical issues, especially when im chatting with people’s animal companions. All beings have quirks and quibbles – we just don’t always stop to figure out what they are. Our multi-species family can deepen their bond by working through issues, what i call family harmony time, whether that’s working with an intutive like me, a trainer or on your own. Your animals are listening to you, so talk to them even if you aresure you can’t hear them. Really they’ll feel better, and, eventually so will you.

Animals don’t talk in the traditional sense that you and i think of. When i communicate with an animal i receive information from them through their thoughts. i then interpret that information. Sometimes my mind receives the information and interprets the information as emotions that we share, pictures that i see in my mind’s eye, smell,taste and yes, i can also hear a conversation. Each of us who communicates with animals has our strength’s in how that information is interpreted. For me, i mostly recieve a conversation with emotions and pictures recieved from the animal. This is the way i interpret their thoughts.

One such instance that i would like to talk about is when i went grooming at a clients place. lets call him Cookie and say that he is a Beagle( keeping pet parent information confidential). Cookie is a lovely dog that was brought as a source of entertainment at a child’s request. When that very same child got bored with the puppy,excuses of allergy were made and affection towards Cookie were at a bare minimum. As a groomer i visited him every week for his Princely Paws N StyL groom. That particular day as i was drying him the head help came over with my payment. My hands were full with the dryer in one hand and the slicker brush in the other, as the help gave me the money i took it not bothering to count it and was just about to put it away. I heard Cookie say clearly “Count It”. As i began to count it and mid way through the bundle of notes the head help confessed of the payment being short of a couple of 100’s. If it would not have been for Cookie’s timely advice i would never have known that i was not paid in full for my grooming services.

For those of you that would like to relearn how to telepathically communicate with animals, can get in touch with  me. To book a session of telepathy connect via Malaika Fernandes with your animals call on 9820854668 send in an email to