Princely Paws Telepathic Animal Communication June Workshop

The Space Between Us Have you ever wished you could talk to animals? This ancient art of inter species telepathic communication is enlightening & empowering in every way. Learn to talk to Animals – a new language skill Join us on this journey of awakening this innate ability!! Workshop dates: 19, 20, 26 & 27th … Read more

Raising & Training a Happy Puppy Workshop

Raising & Training a Happy Puppy Online Workshop

This 1 hour workshop is a must do for anyone that is considering getting a pup at home or already has one at home, for people that rescue and foster etc. How to toilet train your pup Handle teething issues How do pups communicate? Puppy behavior explained Etiquette guide for humans What kind of equipment … Read more

The Stand Off

Bozo & Sherman had a stand off. Nail- biting stuff. Bozo the pug is a real-life Mr. Bean, full energy & Yahoo types. Sherman is stately, regal & pretty cool. One day their paths crossed. Amazingly, Sherman was all enthusiastic – yanked and pulled at his leash. Bozo didn’t react, but didn’t pull away either. … Read more