The Indian Dog

The Indian dog is a mix of Indian pariah’s and urban street dogs. The urban street dogs are mixes of Indian Pariah and  European breeds. These dogs are free ranging dogs that live among us on the streets. The Indian Pariah dog has a heritage that dates back to nearly 15,000 years and is referred as a class of primitive dogs that is not commercially bred or recognized.

The Indian Pariah dog is one of the few pure bred that originated in our country without any human intervention in their breeding process or through any kind of selective breeding process. Animal birth control programs are in place to get their ever increasing numbers in to control; as there is no effective garbage disposal system and due to the presence of slums in our country.

However in recent years it has been steadily gaining in popularity as a house pet. Here are some reasons why

 Perfect For Indian Weather: Pariahs adaptable to our climatic conditions  not to mention good-looking and well-proportioned.  They are usually healthy and sturdy, and particularly hardy in our sweltering tropical climate.

Alert & Good Watch Dogs: They are very alert and naturally good watchdogs.

Easy to groom: Their short coats make it very easy to manage them where grooming and hygiene is concerned. A bath once a week and they are good to go.

Intelligent & Trained Easily: These dogs can be trained with ease and are so intelligent that they tend to outdo their humans in a good way. Watch  video of a Indian Pariah/Stray pup being trained.

Health: These dogs are very often mixed within breeds and aren’t pure-bred. Since they have a lower risk of obtaining purebred genetics that lead to inherited diseases, they are healthier than other dogs. With lower rate of hip dysplasia and spinal diseases. It is a safe bet to speculate that Stray/Indian Pariah dogs are healthier than pure-bred dogs.

So “Adopt Dont Shop” – Save A Life!!