The Only Hell For Dogs – Puppy Mills

Hi ( Woofs & Barks), my name is Cookie i don’t know what breed i am but my vet thinks i am a year old.

You see i was born in a puppy mill. A puppy mill is a place where dogs are made to have puppies over and over again till they die!!!!!. We are hundreds in number where some of us are kept in cages, we occupy every corner possible. We haven’t seen the light of day nor have we seen the moon shine radiantly at nights. We all are alive for one purpose alone that is to breed till our last breath. For us dogs, food and water bowls are a luxury that we very rarely see. For our meals as scarce as they are,are served on the cold bare floor mingled with our feces and urine. Our mill is never cleaned by anybody, we are never bathed and our coat is often either matted or covered with sores and parasite(ticks & fleas) bites. Some of us have been sick for too long our wounds rotting away,cancerous growths,maggot wounds- our miseries are never ending.

Puppy Mill
Puppy Mill

Then one day in June i had my first litter of 7 pups out of which 2 of them that were very weak didn’t make it through the night. Whelping was a very painful and scary experience for me. I did not know what to do and with nobody around to help me – i was still so very young and not ready for this experience.

My pups were snatched away from me and sold to a market once they were old enough to eat on their own but i doubt whether they were really ready for most of them never managed to get enough milk from my frail body. As i was lying in my space after being bullied by the neighboring alpha dog we heard a lot of sounds and the mill doors burst open with a bunch of angry people. We were so scared, so many of us whined,barked, so many of us tried to bite the very hand that were trying to help us they had indeed come to rescue us with kind smiles.

The lot of us that weren’t sick were packed off to a place they called shelter. Even though the people at the shelter were very kind ,we were scared and not accustomed to this kind of attention. I was in something that they call a kennel where i had ample space not to just turn around but could walk as well. The best part were the clean beds that i now slept on and the food enough to fill our stomachs and more. Real food in a shiny bowl that i could see another dog in or wait a woofy minute is that me?. Of course i was not used to a food in a bowl so i tipped it and ate from the floor.

When i was strong and healthy i was then STERILIZED- no more puppies for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. When i had recuperated completely the following day my new mommy to be arrived. She sat down next to me and spoke to me in a gentle voice and her touch felt soft and reassuring.

The next day, my new mommy arrived, wrapped me in a warm, clean blanket and drove me to my new home.  She spoke softly to me all the way and told me about my new brother and sisters and all the love and attention that I would receive.  I was petrified.  I did not know what a home or love and attention was. She gave me a new name “Cookie”.

At my new home, my mom took me out of the car and put me on the grass.then she let the other dogs out and they were very happy to see me. My dogma (my human mother) served me food and water but yet i was scared- i had never been inside a home before-but as long as i could see her,i felt alright. I slept with my dogma in her bed, under the duvet. So soft,clean,warm and safe. No more raw feathery chicken for me as she whipped up something special for me. I now have enough to eat,clean water in a clean bowl that is never empty. My dogma is the best cook in the whole world.

It took some time for me to get used to my new life. For the most part of my life i was surrounded by sick,scared,desperate and unhappy dogs and puppies. Now suddenly,everything was new and strange. So many new sounds and tastes. I was now toilet trained, dogma was patient when she trained me. Nobody had ever offered me a treat,given me a bath or groomed me. Never mind love and attention. I was used to sleeping on cold hard surfaces and had to fight for my food and shelter. It took a while to realize that it was okay to eat when i am hungry,sleep when i am tired. When i need attention or a cuddle, i can just ask and its given in abundance.

I am beginning to like people!!!. A few days after i went to my new home,my mom had to go out, and when she came back i was happy to see her that i wagged my tail and smiled at her. She went crazy,so i did it again .I do think my dogma is a bit mad as she keeps forgetting my name she calls me love,jaan, sweety, choochiko or something a lot like that.

I am so happy now. I hope more people become aware of the intolerable cruelty that lots and lots of animals suffer at the hands of humans. Thank you people at the shelter for giving me a new leash on life.

I cant stop wagging my tail and if it should fall off……………well i  am sure dogma will get me a new and a better one:)