The Recall Training Present

As soon as Prince was done with his immunization schedule i began training him in all earnest, In India back then there were no Canine Behaviorists just the regular run of the mill trainers who used physical force to train. So having gathered whatever tips possible from good training books and a seasoned dog show owner i decided to train Prince myself minus the run of the mill trainer. One of the commands i wanted to teach him was “Recall” that is come while being called. The only safe enough place that i could find close to home was a park space filled with weeds and grass tall enough up to your knees. As i let Prince off leash for the first time my heart skipped a beat as i saw him disappear in the grass. It was his first time off leash so nose close to the ground he moved quite far away from me. I began to call out to him and came back instantly, he was rewarded with praise from me -“good boy” i said and let him loose again.

I did this repeatedly a couple of times and he came back always for praise and treats. As it was getting late i called out to Prince as he was out of sight, i began worrying as i still didn’t see him coming to me. After a couple of calls i finally saw him come running back to me and i wanted to download (1)greet him, so i knelt down wanting to give him a hug. As he got closer i knew something didn’t smell right!!. When Prince finally hugged me i knew what was not smelling right – my boy during his escapade off leash had rolled in a cow dung pat. Much to my disgust i now smelt like cow dung with Prince; i couldn’t shout or push him off because i remembered reading how one must not shout at their dog when they do the recall command for he may hesitate the next time he is off leash to come back to you.

On the way back home i just hoped i didn’t meet anyone that knew either me or Prince smelling like cow dung. It still makes me laugh after all these years thinking about this incident.

Why Do Dogs Roll In Poop?

Don’t dogs do some of the strangest things? Rolling in feces, though, is really very common. Possibly a dog’s ancient instinct to mask his scent, which would then enable the animal to sneak up on their prey without detection. Even if your dog does not hunt, he may not like the way that he smells—especially if you’ve just given him a bath! Or he just likes the smell of the feces. Not much for a pet parents indulgence in aromatic shampoos for their much loved dogs!!