Tibetan Sound Bowl Therapy for Animals

Sound Healing for Pets

As effective as sound energy healing with Tibetan bowls is for people, it is even more so with dogs, cats, horses and other pets.

Animals have the capacity to hear more octaves and tones than humans. They, like small children live in present moment and do not complicate the treatment . Partly because of this, animals are profoundly affected by the sound healing.
The Tibetan Bowls are excellent for soothing, calming and reducing pain and anxiety in animals.

Even when an animal has been diagnosed with a terminal illness, healing is still possible. There is a difference between curing and healing. “Curing” is the absence of disease and “healing” is moving to the highest level of wellness and wholeness possible, regardless of what is happening with the course of an illness.”

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Energy and Sound Healing is NOT a replacement for veterinary care, but merely an additional support system, NO diagnosis will be made.

Benefits of Sound Healing include, but are not limited to:
– Increased physical healing and overall well being;
– Creating calmness and relaxation;
– Increases intelligence and trainability;
– Reduces anxiety, i.e. separation anxiety, thunder phobia, etc.

In other research, it is strongly believed that the level of stress and behavior of a pet owner strongly impacts the behavior of the pet. The range of behaviour could be from separation anxiety to eating habits. This is why they recommend that both the owner and the pet receive sound healing treatments which will help them individually and as a team.

Therapies available for Pets & their humans
– Chakra balancing therapy
– Joint pains
– Digestive disorders
– Cellular De-toxification therapy
– Relaxation Therapy

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