Animal telepathy workshop

What is animal telepathy?

Animal telepathy is an energy exchange that takes place between humans and animals making it possible to better understand each other.

What does the animal telepathy workshop cover?  

The telepathic animal communication workshop covers these questions. 

  •  What your pet is trying to tell you?
  •  What activities does your pet do while you are at work?
  •  Reasons for their sudden illness or behaviour pattern.
 What can an animal telepathy expert do?
  • Telepathically communicate with your animal/pet. 
  • Telepathically communicate with other animals. 
  • Telepathically connect with lost pets. 
  • Telepathically connect with pets that have crossed the rainbow.

 Animal telepathy workshop syllabus

Part 1: Basics in animal telepathy

Connecting with your pet

  • Understanding telepathy
  • Connecting with an animal using telepathy
  • Communicating with your pet

Right Questions and Connections for telepathy to happen.

  • Right questions to ask & process the answers
  • Practice connecting & receiving information seamlessly
  • Interspecies communication

Part 2:  Telepathically connecting with  a lost animal

  • Lost animal communication
  • Mirroring
  • Taking on
  • Telepathically connect with pets that have crossed the rainbow.

Advantages of the Basic Telepathic Animal Communication Workshop. 

  • Begin your practice as an animal communicator.
  • Rescue & volunteer work for lost animals.
  • Access to a network of animal communicators in India & globally
  • Of course connect better with your own pet!

(All classes will have live examples of communicating with animals.)v

Animal telepathy workshop takeaways

Animal telepathic communication training one-on-one program:

A custom-made program for individuals who wish to learn to practise animal communication for themselves. For more information on this please contact us here.

Dates: – 13th to 16th Feb 2024. 

Timings – 6 pm to 9 pm. 


Per Participant