Animal Telepathy

Animal Telepathy:

What is telepathic animal communication? 

Telepathic animal communication refers to the ability to communicate with animals through non-verbal means, such as through thoughts, feelings, images, and sensations. 


How do you practise this method? 

Scientific studies prove that animals communicate with each other using a combination of body language, vocalizations, and other non-verbal cues. Over time,  humans understand and imitated these methods to be able to telepathically communicate with animals.

Types of consults:

  1. Communicate with your animal/pet. – Ask questions for your own pet about health, happniess, what they would like to eat or add to their meals etc. 
  2. Communicate with other animals – You could communicate with animals who may not be your pets. If the animal is a pet then it is most ethical to get the consent of its pet parent. 
  3. Communicate with lost animals – A way to establish a connect with an animal that is lost . 
  4. Connect with a pet that has crossed the rainbow: These are for pet parents who are bereaved or whose beloved pets have crossed the rainbow bridge. 

The Process:

  • We ask our clients to keep a set of questions they wish to ask the animal.
  • We require a recent photo (preferable) of the animal/pet to establish a connect. 
  • The questions must be non-layered and simple in structure. 

Types of consults/connects: 

Note: all consults are done online –  

  1. Intro connect: This is for first time pet parents only. It is a single question they can ask by sending the question across by whatsapp/gmail. It is a one time way  to introduce the pet parents to the world of animal telepathy. 
  1. Whatsapp 5 connect: The pet parent gives a set of 5 questions to be asked by the communicator over whatsapp/email. The communicator relays back the answers in 3-4 working days. 
  1. Zoom connect: This is a live connect over the zoom app where the facilitator takes the questions from the pet parent, animal enthusiast and puts it forth to the animal. Session duration – 60 minutes


Difference in type of connects
Sr. No.ParticularsIntro ConnectWhatsAppZoom
1Limit on Questions1Limit of 5No limits upto 1 hour
2Time Taken for Answers3-4 working days3-4 working daysLive - immediately
3RepeatableOne time onlyYesYes
4ChargesRs 333/- for one question per petRs 1500/- for 5 questions per petRs 3000/- per pet for 1 hour session.
5Follow Up QuestionsNot AllowedNot AllowedAny no. allowed within the limit of 1 hour