Helping pet parents get a healthy and happy puppy.

The Pupdom puppy essentials workshop for pet parents wanting to get home a healthy and happy puppy
Canine Behaviourist Malaika with a puppy

Puppy essentials Workshop Overview.

The Pupdom Puppy Essentials Workshop is a comprehensive guide for pet parents looking to get a healthy and happy puppy home. The workshop covers everything from selecting a healthy puppy to sharing insights on your puppy’s health, nutrition, canine behaviour and overall well-being to lead a happy and healthy life.

Topics are covered in the Pupdom Puppy essentials workshop?

Dog breeds and suitability to geographical climate.

The Pupdom puppy workshop topic on dog breeds for different geographical climates

We cover the following aspects in this section: 

Puppy suitability to pet parents’ lifestyle. 

Dog running with pet parent  - a topic we cover at Pupdom Puppy essential about the puppy's suitability to pet parents' lifestyle

We cover the following topics under puppy suitability:

By taking the time to consider your lifestyle and family members, you can choose a puppy that is a good fit for you and your home.

Tips to find ethical breeders and reputable puppy adoption centres.

Tips to find ethical breeders and adoption centres  - a topic we cover at Pupdom Puppy essentials workshop

Puppy’s vital health and medical markers.

Knowing puppy vital health and medical markers  - a topic we cover at Pupdom Puppy essentials workshop

Helping your puppy settle down. 

Helping your puppy settle down at home - a topic we cover at Pupdom Puppy essentials workshop

Correct ways of Puppy training, nutrition and well-being.

Puppy training, nutrition and well-being -  topics we cover at our Pupdom Puppy essentials workshop

Choosing the right Puppy accessories and toys. 

Choosing the right toys and accessories -  topics we cover at our Pupdom Puppy Essentials workshop.

Frequently asked questions

Could you share details about the workshop?

Who is the ‘Pupdom Puppy Essentials’ workshop aimed at?

The Pupdom  Puppy Essentials workshop is aimed at

Why should I do the ‘puppy essentials’ workshop from your organisation? 

You should do the workshop for the following reasons:

Experience: Our program is tailor-made by pet-care professionals with more than two decades of experience between them.

360 view: The workshop gives you one-of-a-kind expertise on all things related to puppy growth and well-being.

Pricing: It is a steal at just Rs 299/- per participant – and yes you can have more than one person joining in from your link- provided you are all in the same

Why should pet parents who have had pets for many years do this workshop?

Qualitative and current information: Experienced pet parents benefit from our qualitative and current research on puppies health that negate outdated health and puppy-care methods. They can then make an informed choice about getting home a healthy puppy.

How can we get in touch with you?

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