1)   Accreditation’s.

A friend of PDTE (Pet Dog Trainers of Europe)

Pursuing Diploma – Canine behavior &

Ethology with BHARCS  (Level 4- United Kingdom)

2)   Journey highlights.

Assisted veterinarian Dr Katyal


Dog behavior consultant from

Northern Center dog behavior -U.K.


Canine Aggression from

Canines Can Care

Animal Communication:

From Sedona school

of nature & animal communication – USA (2016)

From Earthwise – Pune
Basic Telepathic Animal Communication (2015)

Advanced Telepathic Animal Communication &

Introduction to Nature Communication (2016)

Galen Myotherapy Foundation Course 2020

Sensory Motor Integration hands on workshop

 for dogs with Els Vidts of Freedogz, Belgium 2019:

    Introduction to canine sensory integration.

    For stability in dogs

    For sensory integration in puppies

    For sensory integration in senior dogs

    Sensory integration for trauma in dogs.

3)    More:

Monitored Mumbai Zoo for PETA

Wildlife Rescue activist

Organised India’s first dog Marathon

Pet consultant for ads (Garnier, Reliance)

& Feature films

Contributing writer – Creature companion,

Dogs & pups