Princely Paws Canine training and pet-care wellness centres.

Welcome to our one-stop shop for our canine training and pet wellness centres located in Khar in the heart of Mumbai city. Our services include:

PpacT Canine behaviour and dog training. 

Princely Paws canine behaviour and pet wellness centre in Khar, Mumbai

Our training programs are branded as Princely Paws animal communication & training  {PpacT} courses.  They have been designed by Canine behaviourist and trainer Malaika Fernandes with over two decades of experience in training 2000 plus canine dogs. To know more about Malaika.  

The PpacT way: 

Understanding dog body language: We help pet parents understand,their dogs body language better to communicate  and manage their dog’s behaviour, but do not actively modify its behaviour. 

Pet’s free will: We help pet parents understand the importance of letting their pets express free-will and a right to choice for them to be able to lead a healthy and long life.

No treat or punitive dog training methods: We do not teach basic obedience commuands like (sit, stand etc)  that causes physical and mental distress in dogs health. Also, we do not practise positive reinforcement, punishment based training methods. 

Under PPacT we have two basic training programs

PPacT Puppy training 

Princely Paws puppy learning programs centre at Dr Rina Dev's clinic, Khar, Mumbai.

The features of our puppy training are as follows

Eligible for puppies between 2 to 6 months old

Divided into 5 easy to learn sessions.of a duration of one hour each. 

Tackling Toilet training & teething, 

Use of right body language,

Understanding your puppies body clock, sleep and nutrition needs. 

Right equipment and accessories

Communicating with your puppy using calming signals.

Understanding different types of barks & what they mean. 

Understanding functional behaviour and coping mechanism in puppies

Right enrichment games and how to play them. 

Establishing boundaries without saying “no” 

Discouraging behaviour like jumping, begging etc using body language. 

Understanding Turbo charged sounds and how to use them 

Right body language with humans & other dogs

Proper leash walking techniques & response during threats. 

To know our charges/ chat with our expert

  1. Calm dog program tackling aggression issues in dogs  
Princely Paws calm dog de-aggression porgam held at Dr Rina Dev's clinic, Khar.

Our PpacT ‘Calm dog program’ is one of our flagship programs. They are customised to tackle individual and specific behavioural issues regarding your dog. 

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  1. Behaviour Consults: Be it separation anxiety or leash-walking issues, our PpacT behaviour consults is to tackle specific issues your dog may be facing. 

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B) Sensory integration programs for obese dogs: 

Our sensory integration program uses the plank-walk methods designed to help obese and senior dogs to lose weight, gain balance  and improve their overall health. 

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C) Pet-holistic wellness programs: 

Princely Paws pet-holistic programs at Dr Rina Dev's clinic, Khar

We offer a variety of pet-wellness workshops and consultations at our centre.

  1. Animal telepathy workshop one on one – 

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  1. Animal telepathy consults  – For a specific animal telepathic consult appointment, you could book a consult here – (link to form)